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  • WASH

    It’s time to begin! It’s very important your car is fully cleaned, with all contaminants removed before you move onto the next stage.

    The cleaning process can seem quite complex but our products make it a walk in the park.


    With your car cleaned, it’s time to remove any imperfections such as those pesky swirl marks, scratches and oxidation.

    Now, the polish you choose depends on the condition of the vehicle’s paintwork. For newer vehicles in great condition or well-maintained vehicles you may just opt for a show glaze to increase the amount of shine.


    With your car freshly cleaned and polished it should be sparkling. To prolong this shine and to defend your paintwork from the elements it is vital to add a layer of protection.

    At Poorboy’s World we have a range of synthetic sealants and carnauba waxes. These not only add durable protection to your vehicle but increase the shine even further.


    With your car cleaned, polished and protected with a sealant and/or a wax the finish line is in sight. Use Poorboy’s exterior dressings to revitalise smaller details such as your tyres, bumpers and trim. We also have a range of quick detail sprays.


    We have a range of interior products for removing odours and cleaning upholstery. You can also spruce up your plastic, leather, vinyl and rubber with our cleaners and conditioners. Then finish off with one of our slightly addictive spray air fresheners.


    When detailing, your tools are just as important as the products you use. We have a range of plush, high quality microfibre cloths for drying, buffing, wax removal and glass cleaning. We also have buckets, wash mitts and a dual action polishing machine which is suitable for novices and professionals alike.


Poorboy’s World Detailing & Car Care Products

At Poorboy’s World we create high quality car detailing products that are easy to use. Our car care range creates fast results & an amazing shine.

We have some of the best car shampoos, polishes, waxes and sealants on the market. Poorboy’s products are available from our stockists at affordable prices.

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