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SSR3 Super Swirl Remover

SSR3 Super Swirl Remover

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Poorboy’s SSR3 is a heavy abrasive polish that removes severe swirl marks, oxidation, severe scratches and heavy overspray.

SSR3 is the most heavy-duty polish in the Poorboy’s swirl remover range and should only be used by professionals on severely neglected cars.

Unique cleaners and heavy-duty abrasives in this compound exfoliate badly damaged paint to reveal a fresh, clean layer.

Like the rest of the SSR range it is body shop safe, containing no wax or silicone.

Depending on the condition of paint SSR1, SSR2 or SSR2.5 may be more suitable for use.

Available in 16oz (473ml), 32oz (946ml) or 128oz (3.78litre)
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