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Wash Bucket 5 Gallon

Wash Bucket 5 Gallon

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The Poorboy’s World Bucket is a durable, high quality bucket for washing your car.

This sturdy bucket holds 18.9 litres (5 Gallons) of water and is a must-have for any detailer, enthusiast or professional.

Simply add a shampoo, such as Poorboy’s World Super Slick and Suds, to your water and you’ll have plenty of sudsy water to clean your vehicle.

Poorboy’s Wash Buckets work in tandem with Official Grit Guards and Gamma Seal Lids, with the measurements fitting snugly.

Our buckets are available in black, white, blue and red. This makes them perfect for the two-bucket wash method. Enabling you to easily differentiate between the wash and the rinse buckets.
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